The many lakes and ponds in Shiga Kogen show how active the region was a long time ago. There are a lot of trekking courses around the lakes and ponds, which vary in level according to age, physical condition, time, and equipment. A wheelchair accessible course has also been set up so that one and all can experience the beauty of the area. The best trekking course in Shiga Kogen is undoubtedly the one to the Onuma Pond, with its sparkling, mysterious blue or emerald green waters. Other courses of note include those at Mt. Urashiga and Mt. Akaishi, which overlook Onuma Pond. Both peaks are over 2,000 meters, or 6,500 feet, and are quite popular among women and children willing to push themselves just a little more than usual!

You can make your own way of course and enjoy various highland flora beautifully blooming from spring to summer, or the gorgeous autumn leaves, but enjoyment will be tenfold if you go with an experienced guide. For details, ask the Shiga Kogen Guide Association, approved by the Shiga Kogen Tourist Association.


Shigakogen Tourist Association